Today’s Google Doodle Celebrates The 46th Anniversary Of Star Trek

Google celebrates the Star Trek series, which premiered for the first time on television on September 8, 1966.
Thus the largest Internet search engine celebrates the series through an interactive doodle.
The doodle today refers to the Star Trek: The Original Series, which form the word Google, the letter G in finder embodies the character of Mr. Spock.
The doodle dedicated to Star Trek allows all users now access the Google homepage to interact in a brief space adventure.
Star Trek is a television series of science fiction created by Gene Roddenberry that aired from September 8, 1966 to September 2, 1969, but his success was such that in addition to harvest a loyal legion of fans, following the original series, Star Trek became an entire universe of worship.
The idea of the series was to launch a series based on an interstellar ship, like the one displayed on the Google doodle today and welcome some very special passengers.
The crew of the Starship Enterprise was formed by seven members of different races and both genders, to insist on the idea that, in XXIII century racial and sexual prejudices have disappeared.