Asiana Airlines Pilot in deadly plane crash had no experience landing 777 in San Francisco

The pilot of the Asiana Airlines plane that crashed in San Francisco on Saturday was making his first landing with a Boeing 777 at San Francisco International Airport, the airline said. But it wasn’t his first time flying to San Francisco.

The pilot, Lee Kang-gook, had flown from Seoul to the city several times between 1999 and 2004, the airline said.
He has also clocked 43 hours flying a Boeing 777.

NTSB: Pilots attempted to abort landing 1.5 seconds before impact. The cockpit voice recorder of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 appears to show the pilots tried to abort the landing less than two seconds before the plane crashed on the runway at San Francisco International Airport, the head of the National Transportation Safety Board said Sunday.
The plane’s voice and flight data recorders show that the flight from South Korea was coming in too slow and too low and that the pilots appear to have increased speed seven seconds before impact, Deborah Hersman said. A stall warning sounded four seconds before the crash, and the crew then made an internal decision “to initiate a go-around 1.5 seconds to impact,” she said.

One of the young victims may have been hit by an emergency vehicle on the runway. This is under investigations as well.

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