OSAMA BIN GARDENING! Leaked Bin Laden Report Reveals Pakistan Failures, and his Cowboy Hat Gardening!

Osama bin Laden typically wore a cowboy hat while tending his garden.

Osama Bin Gardening

Its broad brim obscured his features from the view of pesky eyes or satellite cameras that might blow his cover while he was hiding out in Pakistan, according to a report published widely in Pakistani media.
The 337-page leaked report details the domestic life of one of the world’s most wanted men as a grandfather in his final days of life.

It also scathes Pakistani authorities for failing to keep him out of the country, and for failing to prevent the U.S. raid by Navy SEALs that killed bin Laden in May 2011.

The report bears the names of a former top diplomat, a supreme court justice and former officers of the military and police.

Incompetence and negligence allowed Osama Bin Laden to live in Pakistan undetected for almost a decade, a leaked government report suggests.

A version of the report leaked to al-Jazeera says the killing of Bin Laden by US forces was a “criminal act of murder” ordered by the US president.

It also reveals details of the al-Qaeda leader’s whereabouts and day-to-day life after fleeing Afghanistan in 2001.

Bin Laden was killed by US forces in north-west Pakistan in May 2011.

US suspicions about Bin Laden’s location had previously been dismissed by Pakistan. However, his discovery in a compound in Abbottabad and subsequent killing in a US Navy Seal operation put a strain on US-Pakistan relations.

Document: Pakistan’s Bin Laden Dossier

In an Al Jazeera exclusive, the results of the Abbottabad Commission are now being made public.


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