Trayvon Martin’s Father Testifies That He Heard His Son’s Dying Screams – VIDEO

The father of Trayvon Martin told a jury Monday that he believes a 911 tape contains “my son’s last cry for help” on the night he was fatally shot by George Zimmerman.

Defense attorneys called Tracy Martin to testify about the 911 call and his exchange with Sanford Police officers. Martin said he never told officers he didn’t recognize Trayvon’s voice, despite an investigator’s previous testimony that Tracy Martin told him he didn’t think he could hear his son on the tape.

Instead, Tracy Martin said he told officials, “I can’t tell.”

Tracy Martin said he listened to the 911 call at least 20 times at the Sanford mayor’s office. After that, he said he was convinced the voice screaming was Trayvon.

“I was listening to my son’s last cry for help,” Tracy Martin said. “I was listening to his life being taken.”

Police Officer Christopher Serino, the lead investigator in the shooting death, testified earlier in the day that Trayvon’s father had listened to the 911 calls placed during the confrontation and had said it was not Trayvon heard screaming for help in the background.

Friends and former co-workers of George Zimmerman also testified, saying it was George Zimmerman’s voice screaming for help on a key 911 call.

The testimony of the witnesses, called by the defense, could be crucial as Zimmerman’s lawyers try to show that Trayvon was the aggressor and that Zimmerman shot him in self-defense.

“I have no doubt in mind that’s his voice,” said Geri Russo, a former co-worker of Zimmerman, echoing testimony of several other defense witnesses.

Another witness, Adam Pollock, owner of Kokopelli’s Gym, said Zimmerman trained at his facility for about a year doing boxing and grappling classes. The business man described grappling as a form of mixed martial arts that involves chocking, and arm and leg locks.