Trayvon Martin’s Mother Delivers Emotional Testimony, Identifies Son’s Screaming Voice On 911 Call

Friday morning, Trayvon Martin‘s mother Sybrina Fulton took the stand in the George Zimmerman murder trial and identified her son’s voice screaming in the 911 call made the night he was killed. Previously, a voice recognition expert testified that only Martin’s family could reliably identify his voice in the recording.

Fulton sat stoically through the recording played in the courtroom of the 911 call in which you can hear a man’s voice screaming for help. When the prosecution asked Fulton if she could identify the voice on the tape, she replied, “Trayvon Benjamin Martin.”

During cross-examination, defense attorney Mark O’Mara questioned Fulton about the first time she heard the call, perhaps in an attempt to create doubt that she always believed it was her son screaming on the tape. Fulton remained resolute throughout, at one point defiantly answering O’Mara’s hypothetical about if she had not heard her son on the tape by saying, “I heard my son screaming.”

Later, O’Mara asked Fulton if she “hoped” that her son would not have done anything that would have led to his own death. “What I hope for, is that this would never have happened and he would still be here,” Fulton answered. “That’s my hope.”

Watch video below, via HLN:


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