(VIDEO) Eliot Spitzer on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Talks about His Love for Prostitution & Seeks Forgiveness

(VIDEO) Eliot Spitzer on Morning Joe Talks about His Love for Prostitution & Seeks Forgiveness

Have New York City’s racy tabloids ever had it so good? Not one but two sex-scandal-tainted Democratic politicians will be testing the city’s capacity for forgiveness this election season, with former governor Eliot L. Spitzer on Monday launching his campaign for a new life in politics.

Beyond the fact that both men are trying to move past disgraceful chapters that had been thought to spell the end of their political careers, there are few similarities between Spitzer’s situation and that of former congressman Anthony Weiner.

The Fix looks at recent scandal-plagued politicians and assesses their chances at making a Sanford-esque return to public office.

Scandal-plagued public figures: Where are they now?: Spitzer, Weiner, Sanford, Petraeus, Clinton: Sudden, ignominious scandals have toppled plenty of public figures, but many have found a way to bounce back, often with high salaries. Here are a few politicians during their days of disgrace — and afterward.

While Weiner is seeking New York City’s biggest political prize — the mayor’s job — Spitzer is running for city comptroller, a relatively modest post that has been regarded as something of a political backwater.

Not that Spitzer sees the job that way.

“There’s substantial authority here that I think can be used in exciting ways,” he said in an interview as he scrambled to gather the 3,750 valid signatures he must produce by Thursday to be placed on the ballot for the September primary.

“I have looked voters in the eye, walked on the street, and I think people are willing to give me a shot,” Spitzer added. “And I think it is based on the record I built when I was attorney general, when I was governor, when I was assistant district attorney, a prosecutor of organized crime.

“Not everybody knows every piece of this, of course,” he conceded, “but I think there’s a sense of somebody who fought, who fought hard and tried hard.”

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