Samantha Bee: On The Mooch & Trump’s Spreading Taint [VIDEOS]

On her latest episode Samantha Bee tackled down Anthony Scaramucci and his new role in the White House and how that has had an impact on President Donald Trump.

โ€œWhat does the Mooch Doctrine look like in practice?โ€ Bee asked her audience. โ€œOh, worse than you could even imagine.โ€

โ€œScaramucci was working the โ€˜donโ€™t think of me as your teacher vibeโ€™ so hard, I was waiting for him to sit on his podium and tell the press corps to call him Mr. S,โ€ Bee said of Scamarucciโ€™s introductory press conference.

โ€œI know you donโ€™t know or care how government works; that has been made abundantly clear, but we donโ€™t make bullshit discriminatory laws on Twitter,โ€ Bee said.

โ€œFiring thousands of active duty service members in the middle of the big push against ISIS was Trumpโ€™s version of โ€˜donโ€™t ask, donโ€™t tell,โ€™โ€ she added. โ€œHe didnโ€™t ask anyone if it was a good idea and he didnโ€™t tell anyone he was going to do it. But that is how we roll now.โ€

โ€œI have my issues with your antebellum house elf, but Jefferson Beauregard Antietam Sessions is nothing if not loyal โ€” to the confederacy, and to you,โ€ Bee explained to Trump. โ€œAnd how did you repay that sweet puppy-dog devotion? The same way you always repay your friends: by publicly throwing them under the bus โ€” or the truck, or the fire engine, or whatever oversized Tonka toy your babysitters roll onto the White House law. Vroom!โ€

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