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Florida Stopped Doing Gun Permit Checks For 13 Months [VIDEO]

June 9th 2018

For more than a year, Florida failed to do national background checks that could have disqualified people from gaining a permit to carry a concealed weapon. The lapse was revealed in an internal report on Friday and it happened during a time period when there was a large surge in the number of people...
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Hypocrite Trump Decries Gun-free Zones at NRA Gun-free Zone

May 4th 2018

Donald Trump promised to protect 2nd Amendment rights, didn’t mention his previous positions on background checks after the latest school massacre, and proceeded to campaign for the biggest jerks in Texas government at the NRA Convention in Dallas. Tying gun rights to winning midterms, Trump spent more time pushing for get-out-the-vote efforts and fawning...
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School Walkout to Be Biggest Anti-Gun Protest Since Parkland Shooting

March 14th 2018

Beginning at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, students at schools across the U.S. and as far away as Australia and Germany walked out of class for 17 minutes to mark the one-month anniversary of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Seventeen people were killed in that shooting, and most...
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NRA Sues Florida After Rick Scott Signs Gun Control Bill

March 10th 2018

The National Rifle Association is suing the state of Florida after Gov. Rick Scott signed Senate Bill 7026 into law Friday, the first gun control legislation enacted in the state after the Parkland school massacre on February 14. The NRA suit focuses on the part of the law that raises the minimum age to...
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Gun Bill Passes Florida House, Heads To Gov. Rick Scott’s Desk

March 8th 2018

On Wednesday, the Florida House passed the state’s first gun restrictions in three decades, voting 67-50 after debating for nearly eight hours. Under the bill, which cleared the Senate 20-18 earlier this week, a person must be at least 21 years old to buy a gun, and wait three days before obtaining the weapon....
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Trump Stuns Lawmakers With Seeming Embrace of Gun Control [VIDEO]

March 1st 2018

President Trump stunned Republicans on live television Wednesday by embracing gun control and urging a group of lawmakers at the White House to resurrect gun safety legislation that has been opposed for years by the powerful National Rifle Association and the vast majority of his party. In a remarkable meeting, the president veered wildly...
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Trump Says Texas Massacre ‘Not A Guns Situation’

November 6th 2017

President Donald Trump on Monday blamed “mental health” for a shooting rampage that left at least 26 people dead in a Texas church early Sunday. Speaking during a joint news conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Tokyo, Trump appeared to shrug off concerns over gun control. “This isn’t a guns situation. This...
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Manhunt Underway After Gunman Scott Ostrem Killed 3 At Colorado Walmart

November 2nd 2017

A man who police say shot three people dead at random in a suburban Denver Walmart late Wednesday remains on the loose, with officials saying they have no leads about his identity. The victims included two men and one woman, who police say succumbed to her injuries after being transported to a hospital. Authorities...
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Gunmen In Egypt Attack Bus Carrying Coptic Christians, Killing At Least 20

May 26th 2017

On Friday, a group of at least eight gunmen dressed in military uniforms attacked a bus and pickup truck carrying Coptic Christians traveling to St. Samuel Monastery in Egypt’s Minya province, about 140 miles south of Cairo. At least 20 people were killed in the attack, including children. No group has yet claimed responsibility,...
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ISIS Gunmen Dressed as Doctors Attack Kabul Military Hospital

March 8th 2017

The Islamic State terror group has claimed responsibility for a Wednesday attack that has so far killed 30 people and injured at least 50 more at a Kabul military hospital in the Afghan capital’s heavily guarded diplomatic zone. Gunmen reportedly disguised as doctors in white lab coats took positions throughout the facility before launching...
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Protests Erupt At Anaheim Over Cop Pulling Gun On Kids [VIDEO]

February 23rd 2017

Hundreds protests on Wednesday after a video of a Los Angeles off-duty cop fired a gun while confronting kids crossing his lawn. Thank God no one was hurt this time by the gunfire, a 13 year old sustained “a lot of bruises” during Tuesday’s altercation in Anaheim. No one else was injured, the media...
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Gunshots in Pipeline Riot, 141 Arrested

October 28th 2016

A long-running dispute over an oil pipeline turned violent overnight in North Dakota as hundreds of armed state and local police and members of the National Guard battled into the early hours of Friday to evict hundreds of protesters from private land in the path of the proposed Dakota Access line. The peaceful protest...
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Derrick Rose Investigator Found Dead of Gunshot Wound

October 12th 2016

A Los Angeles Police Department detective who was working on the case against New York Knicks star Derrick Rose has been found dead from a gunshot wound. Nadine Hernandez, 44, was one of two investigators looking into the rape allegations against the NBA player. Police got a call at 2:45 p.m. Tuesday about an...
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Kim Kardashian West Held At Gunpoint In Paris, Robbers Took $10 Million

October 3rd 2016

While in Paris for Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian West was held up at gunpoint Sunday night in her hotel room by “two armed masked men dressed as police officers,” her representative said. “She is badly shaken but physically unharmed.” French police say the reality star had more than $10 million worth of jewelry stolen....
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Trump on Clinton’s guards: ‘Take their guns away, see what happens to her’

September 17th 2016

Donald Trump on Friday wondered aloud what would happen to Hillary Clinton should her Secret Service detail disarm. “I think her bodyguards should drop all weapons. Disarm immediately,” Trump said. “Take their guns away, let’s see what happens to her.” “Take their guns away, OK? It’ll be very dangerous,” he added. Trump’s comment, which...
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Police Search Chris Brown’s Mansion After Standoff Find Drugs and a Gun

August 30th 2016

Police SWAT team surround Chris Brown’s LA mansion as a ‘gun, weapons and drugs are recovered from bag’ Watch the LIVESTREAM HERE MORE TO COME GO LIVE
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[LIVE VIDEO] Sit-In on the House Floor Over Gun Control

June 22nd 2016

House Democrats, led by Rep. John Lewis, are protesting the House’s refusal to vote on gun-control measures. WATCH THE LIVE VIDEO VIA PERISCOPE CLICK HERE Democrats are staging a sit-in on the House floor to push for action on gun control legislation. Dozens of Democrats were participating in the sit-in after it began Wednesday...
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Watch Stephen Colbert Talks Gun Control [VIDEO]

June 22nd 2016

Stephen Colbert told the audience “We all have jobs to do,” “I’m doing my job right now and I’ve got these cameras here to prove it. After the attacks in Orlando, I thought, maybe the government might do their job and pass any kind of law. Even a fig leaf to justify their existence.”...
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Omar Mateen’s ‘Ex-Lover’ Says Gunman Wanted Revenge

June 22nd 2016

A man identified only as “Miguel” claimed in an interview Tuesday he was Omar Mateen’s lover for two months, and that the gunman in the deadly Orlando shooting “had rage” against Puerto Ricans. In an interview with Noticias Univision, the man told the Spanish-language newscast he had been questioned by the FBI, and gave...
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Aussie Paralympian Liesl Tesch Robbed at Gunpoint in Rio

June 21st 2016

An Australian Paralympic athlete was robbed at gunpoint over the weekend in Rio de Janeiro, raising continued concerns about the city’s security as it hosts upcoming Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. Liesl Tesch, 47, claimed a man with a gun pushed her off her bicycle and stole it after initially demanding money. Tesch is...
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[VIDEO] Last Week Tonight With John Oliver on NRA & Gun Control

June 20th 2016

John Oliver lambastes lawmakers for continuing to block gun research as the bodies pile up Describing the NRA as “like PETA, but for guns, and effective,” Oliver explained how the gun organization keeps lawmakers in line, not only through contributions, but by effectively organizing their members to inundate their congressmen with phone calls demanding...
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Orlando Gunman Mateen Pledged to ISIS on FB

June 16th 2016

According to a letter sent to Facebook on Wednesday by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), Orlando shooter Omar Mateen posted Facebook messages pledging allegiance to the leader of ISIS. Johnson, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, wrote that Mateen vowed there would be more attacks on the U.S. The letter asks for Facebook’s help...
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Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump’s Gun Stance [VIDEO]

May 24th 2016

According to the latest polls, this summer is going to suck, thanks to the presidential campaigns. They show Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton neck and neck with 10 percent of undecided respondents begging for death,Stephen Colbert said. So, Trump and Clinton are already attacking each other, “which will make things really awkward when she...
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George Zimmerman’s Gun Sells for $120K [VIDEO]

May 18th 2016

The gun that George Zimmerman used to kill Trayvon Martin has reportedly sold for more than $120,000 to an anonymous bidder. According to TMZ, only seven verified users participated in the final bidding, and Zimmerman still has to verify the winner’s funds.
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George Zimmerman Auctioning Gun Used to Kill Trayvon Martin

May 12th 2016

George Zimmer-man is selling the pistol he used to shoot and kill 17-year-old Trayvon Martin nearly four years ago. The infamous 32-year-old Florida man listed the Kel-Tec PF-9 9mm handgun up for a single-day auction on GunBroker.com, with a starting bid set at $5,000 and an undisclosed “reserve price” the winning bidder must meet....
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Pro-Gun Activist Jamie Gilt Shot By Her 4-Year-Old Son

March 10th 2016

A pro-gun activist has been accidentally shot in the back by her four-year-old son. Just hours earlier Jamie Gilt, 31, had boasted about how her child had been taking part in firearm safety training. Gilt had previously written on Facebook in response to a debate on gun ownership: “All of ours her children know...
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22 Dead as Gunmen Attack Somali Hotel [VIDEO]

February 27th 2016

A jihadist attack on a Somali hotel Friday has left at least twenty two people dead and dozens more wounded, officials said. Al-Shabaab militants allegedly set off a car bomb at a gate near the Somali Youth Hotel, located in capital city Mogadishu. Officials confirmed that all three attackers were killed by police.
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Gunman Picked Up Uber Fares After Killing Spree [VIDEO]

February 22nd 2016

The suspected gunman behind a shooting rampage in Kalamazoo, Michigan, reportedly picked up customers throughout the night between the three locations where he killed six people and injured two others Saturday. Jason Brian Dalton picked up a passenger at about 8 p.m., just two hours after he drove to an apartment complex and allegedly...
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Clinton, Sanders Disagree Over Gun Control [VIDEO]

January 18th 2016

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders faced off in the fourth debate on Sunday, with the former secretary of state accusing the Vermont senator of being weak on gun control. “He voted to let guns go on Amtrak (trains), guns go into national parks. He voted against doing research to figure out...
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Pres. Obama In Town Hall: I’m Not Taking Your Guns [VIDEO]

January 8th 2016

President Obama promises that he is not coming to take your guns away. The president spoke to a room full of constituents from across the political spectrum during a live town hall meeting Thursday night, moderate by Anderson Cooper and broadcasted on CNN. Obama: What I think Mark is getting to is, like I...
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