Mittens Do or Die: Super Tuesday Live !

Willard Mitt Romney and Rick Frothy Santorum are in a dead heat according to polls heading into today’s Super Tuesday, which includes the Michigan primary, Romney’s home state which he is in danger of losing and derailing his already derailed bid for the Republican nomination. This according to the latest polls.

The cool thing about Mitt is HE LOVE CARS, he owns many, his wife has a couple of Cadis, and he LOVE TREES. GOOD LUCK MITT, even the dems are going being urged to vote in this open Michigan primary just to screw you over. Why, because most people seem to think you’re just dick. No many how many times you run for President Ms. Romney, practice doesn’t always make perfect, or make you likable. They don’t like you.

We call Santorum in a squeaker over Willard Mittens!

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