Car bomb blast hits northern Syrian city


An explosion has ripped through a residential neighbourhood in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, the country’s state news agency said, calling it a “terrorist bombing”.

Reports by Sana said two were killed and 30 wounded in what appeared to be the second attack in two days on cities where President Bashar Assad’s regime enjoys strong support.

Three suicide bombings in the capital Damascus on Saturday killed 27 people. The government blamed those on the opposition, which it claims is made up of “terrorist” groups carrying out a foreign conspiracy. Mohammed Saeed, an Aleppo resident, said a car bomb exploded near the Political Security Directorate in the city’s central neighbourhood of Suleimaniyeh. He said the neighbourhood has a large Christian population.

Mr. Saeed said the explosion in Aleppo occurred at 1pm local time (11am GMT) and security forces started shooting in the air and cordoned off the area to prevent people from approaching. He said at that hour of the day the area is usually crowded with people, especially on a Sunday, the first day of Syria’s working week.