Google Launches New Content Market Called Google Play



Google will begin a rebranding of the Android Market, Google Music, Google Books, and its video offerings. Until now, all of those content hubs had more or less resided under the banner of the Android Market, and it seems like the company is interested in making users understand those disparate pockets of content as a unified whole. A company spokesman called Play “an evolution of Android Market.”

Google Play (called the Google Play Store in some instances) will become the single destination for all of the company’s buyable content. Accordingly, the standard Android books, music, and video apps will become Google Play Books, Google Play Music, and Google Play Movies. But it’s not just about devices. Google Play is meant to bring together the company’s content offerings in both mobile and browser experiences.

Android devices running version 2.2 or later will have their Market app automatically updated “over the coming days,” while the Google Play Store moniker will make its way into the Google sandbar, much like the Google+ service. The Android Market name will be retired, though you won’t miss it much since the Google Play Store looks nearly identical.