Live Tornado updates from Lexington, KY

6:29 PM EST – Ok, it looks like we’re in the clear here in Lexington (knock on wood).  Thanks for stopping by and stay safe out there!

6:06 PM EST – A welcome sight!


6:01 PM EST – Back from a short walk around downtown.  Sun is shining!

5:43 PM EST – Heavy rain and lightning over Lexington now.

5:35 PM EST – I’m still downtown.  Plan on staying here until these storms clear out.  Will continue to report as things develop.

5:17 PM EST – A pic of what is normally rush hour in downtown Lexington, KY after 5 p.m.  Streets are eerily quiet.


5:02 PM EST – Starting to rain.  Besides a bit of lightning everything seems fairly calm here in Lex, KY.

4:54 PM EST – Well this certainly seemed ominous for a moment.


4:43 PM EST – Tornado warning for Lexington.  Be right back I hope.

4:41 PM EST – And so it begins.  Lightning off in the distance.  Sirens going off.

4:33 PM EST – Back from outside.  Not much to report.  Everyone seems to be hurrying home from downtown.  Still windy.

4:19 PM EST – While the view is great from inside this building, I feel disconnected from what’s happening outside.  Headed back out for a bit to check on the wind and temp.

4:16 PM EST – View of the sky over Lexington, KY.  Still not much happening, thankfully.


3:56 PM EST – Headed upstairs to check the sky.  Be back.

3:55 PM EST – Looks like everything is passing to the west of Lexington at the moment.  Louisville is getting slammed.  Headed to Cinci.

3:37 PM EST – The amount of tornado warnings and damage reports coming in on twitter is overwhelming.

3:25 PM EST – Going to focus on covering Lexington now.  Hopefully there won’t be much to talk about.

3:23 PM EST – Back from walking around the streets of Lexington, KY.  Getting some strong gusts of wind now.  People are in a hurry, seem tense.

3:00 PM EST – Headed down to the streets for a bit to see what it’s like outside.  Be back shortly.

2:57 PM EST – Paducah, KY now under a #Tornado Warning. Funnel cloud reported by spotters with this storm.

2:52 PM EST – Looks like southern Indiana, just north of Louisville is getting hit hard right now.

2:51 PM EST – Starting to get some fast moving clouds rolling in.  Otherwise not much going on yet in Lexington, KY.


2:36 PM EST – TWCBreaking: TAKE COVER in the city of Huntingburg, IN. Reports of #tornado on ground. Supercell with history of #damage [via Twitter]

2:35 PM EST – Pic of a funnel cloud in Knoxville, TN

2:20 PM EST – The sun is out here in Lexington, KY, which isn’t necessarily a good thing.  Calm before the storm.

2:19 PM EST – TWCBreaking: #Tornado warning for far NW suburbs of Indianapolis. Alert/radar: [via Twitter]

2:10 PM EST – TWCjerdman: #Louisville metro: #Tornado warned cells to your west in southern Ind. Move to shelter if warnings issued: [via Twitter]

2:09 PM EST – TWCBreaking: Some home/property damage in Cleveland, TN via @Tout and @NathanLewisSAU #tornado [via Twitter]

2:07 PM EST –  Major #tornado damage in Island Cover Marina in Harrison, TN. [via Twitter]


1:59 PM EST – TORCON Value of 9 out of 10.  That’s not very encouraging.

1:53 PM EST – 300 ft wide tornado reported near Poseyville, IN.


1:45 PM EST – Funnel cloud sighted in Evansville, IN.  Another confirmed tornado moving towards Etowah, TN.

1:44 PM EST – Just got word that The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK has issued a Particularly Dangerous Situation (PDS) Tornado Watch for our area effective until 900 PM EST.

Threats involved:

Numerous Tornadoes
Intense Tornadoes Likely
Widespread Damaging Winds
Wind Gusts to 70 MPH Likely
Scattered Large Hail
Hail to 2.5” in Diameter Likely

Numerical Probabilities Within Watch Area:

Probability of 2 or more tornadoes High (>95%)
Probability of 1 or more strong (EF2-EF5) tornadoes High (80%)
Probability of 10 or more severe wind events High (80%)
Probability of 1 or more wind events exceeding 75 MPH Moderate (60%)
Proability of 10 or more severe hail events High (70%)
Probability of 1 or more hailstones greater than 2 inches Moderate (60%)

Probability of 6 or more combined severe hail/wind events High (>95%)

1:36 PM EST – Damage reports coming in from Chattanooga, TN, Carmi, IL and Athens, AL.

1:32 PM EST – Fayette County, Kentucky schools were dismissed earlier today in anticipation of the high potential for severe storms and/or tornadoes.  I don’t recall that ever happening before.  Also, just noticed the law firm next to me has closed up shop early.  Eerie.

1:26 PM EST – Tornado warning in downtown Knoxville, TN.

1:23 PM EST – Hi folks.  I’ll be posting updates here live throughout the day as an extremely dangerous line of storm cells moves through the states of Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana and Ohio.  I’m located in Lexington, KY.  Hopefully there will be nothing to report on here, but if there is, I’ll have updates.

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