Romney’s Top Adviser is a Complete Derp – SKETCH FEST 2012

Romney Campaign spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom was asked this morning on CNN how the GOP frontrunner would make the pivot to the general election, Fehrnstrom compared Romney’s primary campaign to an Etch A Sketch, a gaffe that has lit up the political world playing into the hands of Romney’s opponents who thing he changes his positions just to suit his own political aspirations.

Fehrnstrom told CNN’s John Fugelsang:

“Well, I think you hit a reset button for the fall campaign. Everything changes. It’s almost like an Etch A Sketch,” . “You can kind of shake it up and restart all of over again. But I will say, if you look at the exit polling data in Illinois, you’ll see that Mitt Romney is broadly acceptable to most of the factions in the party. You have to do that in order to become the nominee…”

MITT YOU (and your team) are so SHITT. You will never be president.

romney etch a sketch