Trayvon Martin: Zimmerman Attorneys Withdraw, Say They’ve Lost Contact With Him

Trayvon Martin: Zimmerman Attorneys Withdraw, Say They’ve Lost Contact With Him

I guess they decided they didn’t want to defend a murderer.

The two attorneys who have been representing George Zimmerman announced at a press conference moments ago that they are withdrawing as his legal counsel.

“On Sunday, we lost track of George, in that he would not return our calls,” attorney Hal Uhrig said. Said attorney Craig Sonner, “I’ve lost contact with him at this point.”

Sonner and Uhrig, who have been publicly representing Zimmerman in the media, said that Zimmerman has not been answering their phone calls.

The lawyers said Zimmerman called Sean Hannity of Fox News without consulting with them. He also called the Special Prosecutor in the case, something the attorneys said they’d never have told him to do.

“We were a bit astonished,” Uhrig said.

Sonner said that he’d be willing to represent Zimmerman again in the future, if Zimmerman were to get back in contact with him.

Zimmerman has been in hiding since the shooting. The press conference is scheduled for 4:30 p.m.

A Neighborhood Watch volunteer, Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon, a high school junior, on a rainy evening Feb. 26 in the Retreat at Twin Lakes community in Sanford.

Zimmerman has claimed the teen attacked him, and he fired in self-defense. He has not been arrested or charged with a crime. The shooting has sparked international outcry.

Zimmerman has remained silent since the shooting, however, his father, his lawyers — Uhrig and Craig Sonner — and a friend have increasingly spoken out in his defense.

On Monday, a website created by Zimmerman surfaced. In a message to supporters on the site, Zimmerman promised that the facts of the shooting “will come to light.”