Herman Cain Comes To Defense Of White Supremacist – Calls Him ‘Good Friend’

Herman Cain Comes To Defense Of White Supremacist – Calls Him ‘Good Friend’

Herman Cain might be out of the spotlight, but it’s always fascinating (and sad), when a minority feels they must defend those who would oppress them, and that is exactly what Cain did on his Facebook page. This is what Cain posted (as found by the Americans Against the Tea Party Facebook page):

Herman Cain Comes To Defense Of White Supremacist – Calls Him ‘Good Friend’

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably never heard of Brett Kimberlin. Kimberlin is a liberal and he’s fairly mysterious. In 1980, he was convicted of setting a series of explosives in Speedway, Indiana, earning him the title of the “Speedway Bomber.” Kimberlin alleged that he was being held as a political prisoner for having sold drugs to Dan Quayle. 1988, the year that Quayle was on the Vice Presidential ticket, he asked to hold a press conference. The request was denied. He later sued the government and won. Kimberlin is rumored to be the driving force behind Raw Story and one of the main players for BradBlog.com.

So who is Robert Stacy McCain and why would Herman Cain defend him? McCain (a distant cousin to John McCain) is a right-wing blogger who was formerly an editor for the Moonie owned Washington Times. He reputedly has strong connections to white supremacists, such as neo-Nazi, William White, who ironically, has a reputation for terrorizing people in the exact same way that McCain is accusing Kimberlin of terrorizing him.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, McCain was once identified as a member of the neo-Confederate hate group, League of the South. He often quoted racist publications while reporting for the Washington Times. He regularly quoted neo-Confederates. McCain is famous for quotes such as this:

As Steffgen predicted, the media now force interracial images into the public mind and a number of perfectly rational people react to these images with an altogether natural revulsion. The white person who does not mind transacting business with a black bank clerk may yet be averse to accepting the clerk as his sister-in-law, and THIS IS NOT RACISM, no matter what Madison Avenue, Hollywood and Washington tell us.

Or this:

One might well wonder about indiscriminate anti-natalist propaganda when some groups in the country are already below replacement-level fertility. The “success” of such propaganda only accelerates the decline of the white population. If crusaders against teenage motherhood were serious, they would concentrate on the black and Hispanic girls who account for more than half of teenage births. Targeting whites as part of a general campaign is yet another form of racial suicide.

Oh, but wait! There’s also a Breitbart and James O’Keefe (the man-made famous for doctoring videos to destroy what they deem to be left-wing organizations, such as ACORN and Planned Parenthood) connection. In 2010, Kimberlin wrote to Maryland’s Attorney General, asking for the prosecution of Andrew Breitbart and O’Keefe for the illegal recordings that eventually led to the defunding of ACORN. McCain also alleges that Kimberlin is behind a site called Breitbart Unmasked, which discloses the people and actions of the people involved in Breitbart’s organizations. McCain “exposed” Kimberlin in this post. He is now claimingthat Kimberlin is threatening his life and his family, and of course, Herman Cain and much of the right-wing blogosphere are claiming that this is modus operandi for the left.

If in fact McCain’s life is being threatened by Kimberlin, Kimberlin should be prosecuted, but the entire convoluted story sounds right up James O’Keefe’s and the Breitbart organization’s alley.

Why would Herman Cain, an African-American, call himself a friend to a known white supremacist? Your guess is as good as mine.

Source: addictinginfo.org