Obama Campaign Launches Web Portal Designed To Fire Up Supporters

Social Media Magazines’ Co-founder Eric Yaverbaum discusses cutting-edge technology the Obama campaign hopes will give them an organizing advantage.

>>> we talked about how this campaign is unlike any other and the obama campaign hopes this could be a game-changer, they launched an online portal called dashboard to fire up grass root supporters.

>> think of dashboard as an on line nation-wide field office . it’s all about connecting supporters like you and bringing you the best tools to build this campaign in your community.

>> i’m joined by eric, cofounder of social media magazines. good to see you.

>> thank you for having me.

>> online national field office , what does this do?

>> elevates what he did in the last election. what he did in the last election, game-changing, got him votes that he wouldn’t otherwise get, it elevates social media to a new level. this is collaborative, not just one-on-one, group-on-group, mock mocks an actual field office .

>> the things would you do out of a field office , phone banks.

>> everything would you do, if you ever have been in a field office , everything that goes on in that field office can be done online. the obama campaign has invested significant money in this, will be a significant advantage for him, and the only thing now he has to compete with is television advertising .

>> how, why an advantage?

>> if you look at and compare, because mitt romney is trying to do the same thing, my mitt has 3,000 people signed up, which is nothing. what obama has taken is a social media prowess, hundreds of millions of people and elevated one level up so we are all organize and talking together, if we want to.

>> so it makes you feel like you’re part of the campaign.

>> you are, you don’t have to move to boise or whatever it is to be in the campaign office you can do it online. an enormous advantage.

>> you have to do a cost benefit analysis , how speexpensive this is?

>> expensive but not as much as television. historic historically, that is the only way we knew about candidates.

>> i wonder if you think about they could get millions of people working?

>> the expense was in developing it. this type of an operation will go on in every campaign forever in the future. the greatest expense was developing it. it is nothing compared to the cost of television advertising . the great advantage is the internet. that is the swing vote .

>> who does this appeal to.

>> anyone with a computer and anyone who likes obama .

>>> maybe you don’t live in a major city where there are field offices, this is a way to engage people for whom it’s not a practical matter or a lot of times we do things on a whim, and so they go on and get excited about it but then three hours later or three days later when they have a weekend and might have to drive to the nearest city to go to a field office ?

>> everybody, all of the above. when you go to the field offices, how many kids, or people that are really engaged sitting on the couch eating donuts 23 hours a day, if you don’t want to go to the field office you don’t have to. if obama wants to know i’m interested in him, this is a really easy way for anybody to reach me. it’s group-to-group.

>> fascinating to see how this plays out. eric, great to have you.