Obama Celebrates Mother’s Day – VIDEO

Obama Celebrates Mother's Day - VIDEO

In a video released by the campaign Sunday, President Obama marked Mother’s Day by celebrating the women who have influenced him the most: his mother and grandmother who raised him and his wife, Michelle Obama.

“My mother was the single most important influence in my life. I saw her struggles as a single mom. She taught me the values of hard work and responsibility, but also compassion and empathy,”

Obama said.

“My grandmother โ€” she was very different from my mother. Much more sort of stoic, very much displayed her Kansas roots, but was a constant sort of strength for all of us”

Obama said.

On his wife, Obama called the first lady

“the best mom I know.”

“She combines the ability to make the kids feel completely loved with a real sense of being able to provide the kids limits. She’s very good at it. The proof is in those girls, who are magic,”

Obama said.

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