Obama Expected To Speak On Gay Marriage

President Barack Obama is expected to speak about his views on gay marriage in an interview Wednesday afternoon, following days of increasing pressure to clarify his β€œevolving” position on the issue.
Obama is scheduled to sit down with ABC News’s Robin Roberts at the White House for a hastily scheduled interview just a day after voters in North Carolina approved a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman. A source at ABC told POLITICO that Roberts will ask Obama about his views on gay marriage.

The full interview is set to air Thursday on β€œGood Morning America,” but some excerpts are expected to be released Wednesday.
β€œI think the waiting is finally over,” said Richard Socarides, who served as an LGBT adviser to President Bill Clinton. β€œI’m hopeful that the president is going to speak directly on this issue. When he does, I think it will be an important moment.”
Fred Sainz, communications director of the Human Rights Campaign, said his group is β€œobviously very hopeful that the president will finish his evolution towards marriage equality.”

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