Romney Misspells ‘America’ On iPhone App

Romney Misspells 'America' On iPhone App

Oops! He did it again!

Mitt Romney’s new iPhone app misspells the word “America” and the typo has gone viral.

As Romney clinched the GOP presidential nomination with a victory in Texas last night, his campaign released its “I’m with Mitt” app that allows users to post photos of themselves along with 14 different banners. One of those slogans reads: “A Better Amercia.”

The typo lit up Twitter as various people poked fun at what “Amercia” stood for. One example, highlighted by Mashable, “While #Amercia does have a nice ring to it, Romney’s developers of “his” app may want to begin looking for new jobs.”

Romney campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul told MSNBC that “mistakes happen.” She said the campaign has submitted a corrected app to the folks at Apple, which has to approve the new typo-free version.