Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris Hiding From Greek Police

Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris Hiding From Greek Police
Police are searching for Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris, in order to serve an arrest warrant over his attack on Communist MP Liana Kanelli during a television show on Thursday.
According to Occupied London Kasidiaris is actually hiding in Golden Dawn’s Athens Headquarters. They write “Witnesses saw him entering the building, cheered on by approximately 50 members of his criminal gang.” They also say “police are currently defying the attorney’s orders for his immediate arrest”
Following the attack on live television, as reported by Digital Journal, Kasidiaris was locked in a room at the television studio, but managed to break the door down and escape.

Ekathimerini reported State Prosecutor Eleni Raikou issued an arrest warrant for Kasidiaris shortly after the incident. A strange quirk of Greek law allows that unless he is arrested within 48 hours of the arrest warrant being issued he will not be locked up, but simply required to attend court over the charges. However, earlier this week he failed to attend court on other charges and his trial was postponed until June 11. Although politicians enjoy immunity from prosecution this will not apply as parliament is currently dissolved pending second elections.
Golden Dawn, who launched a media embargo on Thursday night, have refused to condemn the actions of Kasiidaris. Meanwhile anti-fascist demonstrations against Golden Dawn have been called for across Greece.