Icann Applicants For New Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) Revealed: The Full List

The web takes one more step towards new domain extensions. Instead of the usual suspects—.com, .org, etc.—websites will soon be able to occupy unusual domain extensions like .fun, .restaurant, .movies, .etc. ICANN unveiled which companies are gunning for different domain extensions.

A little bit of a song and dance today from Icann as it released the full list of businesses and other organizations that have applied for their own customized top-level domain names. The full list is here. In a press conference in London, Icann’s CEO Rod Beckstrom noted that over 500 companies and organizations have paid up tens of thousands of dollars to apply for the TLDs. They include some interesting twists: Google has applied for “.google” but the Charleston Road Registry has applied for “.android”. Clearly not all will leave this process happy. Icann says that it will be going through a multi-stage process now to decide who will get what. That will include checking for whether names are too similar to each other, whether they meet technical requirements, and whether the names are geographical or not, and whether they applicants meet financial, technical and operational capabilities to run a registry.