The Dingo Did, in Fact, Take Her Baby

The Dingo Did, in Fact, Take Her Baby

β€œA dingo’s got my baby!”

It’s a punchline you probably remember hearing before you knew exactly what a dingo was. But this is what actually happened: A nine-week-old Australian baby disappeared on a family camping trip in 1980. Her body was never found. Her mommy, Lindy Chamberlain, claimed to have seen a wild Australian dog, known as a β€œdingo,” take her baby from her tent.

In 1982, Lindy Chamberlain sentenced to life in prison for murdering her baby, but four years later, that verdict was overturned and Chamberlain was set free. However, it was never officially determined how her baby died, until today.

It seems a dingo did, in fact, take her baby. β€œ[T]he coroner in the fourth inquest into her death announced on Tuesday that the baby died as a result of being taken by a dingo,” James Gorman reported in The New York Times.

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