Fake Explosive Device Causes Bomb Scare At US Embassy In Norway

The U.S. Embassy and an area of central Oslo were evacuated on Tuesday when a fake explosive device was mistakenly left beneath a vehicle trying to enter the compound, police said.

The discovery of the device by security guards also led to the evacuation of the royal palace, the halting of subway traffic in the area, and the cancellation of an international childrenโ€™s soccer game at nearby Voldslokka Stadium so police could use the field for helicopters.

The bomb scare and police search closed the entire area for several hours.

โ€œThe Oslo police bomb squad has removed the object and can confirm that it was a dummy bomb,โ€ police said in a statement. โ€œThe car has been used for an internal drill at the embassy, and the find can be connected to this.โ€

Source: Washington Post