Interview Could Hurt Zimmerman

What were you thinking, George? Prosecutors want to use Florida neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman’s first television interview, in which he told Sean Hannity that shooting Trayvon Martin β€œwas all God’s plan.” Asked whether he’d have done anything differently, he replied, β€œNo, sir.” Later in the interview, Zimmerman made a point of looking directly into the camera and saying he’d misunderstood the earlier question about whether he had regrets. β€œI do wish there was something, anything I could have done, that would have put me in the position that I wouldn’t have to take his life,” he said. One legal analyst and defense attorney told ABC News that the interview is something Zimmerman should never have done. β€œHe has impeached himself publicly, this is going to be a huge problem for him … and the prosecutors must be extremely pleased.”

Source: ABC News

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