Mandela’s Birthday Celebrated

It’s Nelson Mandela’s birthday and in honor of the iconic former president, South Africans nation-wide are celebrating by doing good deeds. Citizens specifically performed public service for 67 minutes—one for every year of Mandela’s life dedicated to helping others in his country. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton and Daughter Chelsea visited Mandela in his home village for the celebration, planting a tree in honor of his “wonderful friend.” Mandela’s and Clinton’s respective terms as president overlapped. “He didn’t call me a single time, not once, when he didn’t’ ask about Hillary and Chelsea,” Clinton said. “If it wasn’t too late, he’d ask me to go get Chelsea, bring her to the phone, ask about her homework.” South Africans celebrated in many other ways in addition to community service. For example, millions of students across the country sang “Happy Birthday” before beginning classes for the day.

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