Mass Murder Suspect James Holmes Sent Notebook Detailing ‘Dark Knight’ Massacre Plan To Shrink: Report

Suspected mass murderer James Holmes sent a notebook filled with sketches of his proposed plot to a University of Colorado psychiatrist — but the package sat inside a college mailroom for a week before his attack, reported.
Holmes — who dropped out of graduate school just before his killing spree — revealed “details about how he was going to kill people,” a source told Fox News.
He mailed the prophetic package to the shrink before last Friday’s attack, and it was received eight days before the shootings in Aurora, but no one opened it until three days after a dozen people were killed and 58 wounded.
Had cops gotten their hands on the notebook, they might have prevented the most gruesome mass shooting in American history.
“There were drawings of what he was going to do in it — drawings and illustrations of the massacre,” the source said.
The real package was only found after the unidentified psychiatrist received a package Monday that he suspected was sent by Holmes.
It wasn’t — but a full check of the campus mail center turned up the earlier mailings. It was unclear if the psychiatrist, who is also a university professor, had any contact with Holmes, FoxNews said.
The notebook included violent images of gun-toting stick figures blasting away at other stick figures, according to
A university spokeswoman declined comment on the contents of the package or who sent it. The notebook remains in FBI custody as the investigation into the slaughter continues.

Source: Daily News