Mitt Romney Now Criticised By China

Mitt Romney Now Criticised By China

A commentary by the official Xinhua News Agency said Mr Romney’s statement that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel could worsen an already tense Middle East situation.
It said that Mr Romney’s “hawkish remarks” ignored the sensitive nature of Jerusalem. It said the comments disregarded the Palestinians’ claim to the war-won eastern sector of the city, which was annexed by Israel in 1967 in a move that is not internationally recognised.

Mr Romney also suggested during a trip to Israel that he was open to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, something the Israelis have long sought but the US has refused to do because it would imply recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the entire city.

“Romney’s remarks totally neglect historical facts and are actually irresponsible if he just meant to appeal to voters at home,” Xinhua said.

Source: The Telegraph (UK)

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