NCAA Hands Out Severe Punishment For Penn State Fined $60M

NCAA officials announced the punishment they, along with the Big Ten Conference and Division One Board, have decided to impose upon Penn State following investigations into sexual abuse and cover-ups that occurred within the school’s football program. The University will be fined $60 millionβ€”one year’s worth of revenue from the football teamβ€”which will go towards foundations to help victims and the prevention of sexual abuse. Penn State’s football team will also be banned from bowl games and any other postseason games for the next four years and the number of scholarships provided for Penn State athletes will be reduced from 25 to 15 for the next four years. Any students entering or returning on a scholarship will be given the option to transfer schools, as long as they meet the requirement for that school, and any returning athlete that wishes to remain at Penn State is allowed to do so as long as they maintain the school’s academic requirements, regardless of if they play football or not. All wins between the years of 1998 and 2011 will be vacated. The NCAA president acknowledged the”death penalty,” or suspending the entire program, will not be used.

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