New Obama Campaign Ad Mockingly Features A Singing Mitt Romney

New Obama Campaign Ad Mockingly Features A Singing Mitt Romney

A new ad from President Barack Obamaβ€˜s re-election campaign features footage of GOP candidate Mitt Romney singing his much-discussed rendition of β€œAmerica the Beautiful” at a Florida campaign event held back in January.

The ad, which will be shown in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, doubles down on the campaign’s repeated claims that Romney outsourced jobs and holds offshore accounts.

As Romney sings, the ad shows viewers that, according to a Los Angeles Times report, Mitt Romney’s firms shipped jobs to Mexico… and China. Then, as the singing continues, the ad shares that, according to a Boston Globe article, Governor Romney outsourced jobs to India. The singing continues. β€œHe had millions in Swiss bank accounts,” the ad informs us, citing ABC News, and according to Vanity Fair, β€œtax havens in Bermuda” and, according to ABC News again, β€œin the Cayman Islands.”

β€œMitt Romney’s not the solution,” the ad concludes. β€œHe’s the problem.”

Romney has formerly sought a retraction from the Washington Post over its report that Bain Capital outsourced jobs under his watch, but the paper has stuck by its story.

Have a look at the ad:

Source: mediaite

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