U.S. Gives $150M to AIDS Fight

“I am here today to make it absolutely clear the U.S. is committed and will remain committed to achieving an AIDS-free generation,”

Hillary Clinton declared at the International AIDS Conference Monday as she announced the plan by the U.S. to devote an extra $150 million to the world fight against AIDS. The objective of this week’s meeting is how to combat the spread of AIDS, and the U.S. plans to focus its new funds on reaching stigmatized societies that are affected by the virus. In some countries, the activities through which AIDS is most easily spread are also illegal and stigmatized. “If we’re going to beat AIDS, we can’t afford to avoid sensitive conversations,” said Clinton. Of the new U.S. funds, $15 million will go toward studying HIV prevention in various countries and $20 million will go toward implementing prevention tools.

Source: AP

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