Zimmerman Spent $36K In 18 Days On Phones, Internet, Credit Cards And Bills

Zimmerman Spent 36K In 18 Days On Phones Internet Credit Cards And Bills1

Zimmerman spent $36K in 18 days on phones, Internet, credit cards and bills

George Zimmerman went through almost $36,000 of contributions in 18 days spent mostly in jail, spending a bulk of his newfound cash on telecommunications, newly filed court records show.

Using funds donated from the public on the short-lived www.therealgeorgezimmerman.com, Zimmerman and his wife spent $6,500 on Internet and phone bills, according to a document his defense attorney filed with the judge. He and his wife bought new cell phones for $300 each and paid a year-long Verizon contract in full. They installed a telephone landline for $2,500 and spent $1,300 on a two-year AT&T wi-fi contract.

They paid off at least $7,000 in credit card bills.

They used $4,378 on automotive expenses, making payments on two car loans while renting another for more than $1,500. Gas: $800.

Source: Miami Herald

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