Jon Stewart Slams Anti-Gay Conservatives And Chick-fil-A (VIDEO)

On Thursday night’s edition of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart ended the week with a bang, slamming anti-gay Chick-fil-A and the millions of anti-gay activists supporting the franchise.

Stewart began by showing footage of protesters and supporters lining up outside of Chick-fil-A. The protesters were at various restaurant locations to protest the company’s stance on equal rights for the LGBT community. Supporters went into the restaurant to buy a chicken sandwich. Even Republican Mike Huckabee purchased a sandwich.

But perhaps the anti-gay crowd should have thought through their plan to support Chick-fil-A by eating chicken, because Stewart made it backfire by turning the obsession over chicken into a slew of sexual innuendos.

“What better way to stand up and say ‘I oppose gay people’s rights to get married,’ than to head down to a Chick-fil-A, grab hold of two buttery buns, split’ em open and gobble down some of that hot greasy cock. You’re just eating that cock, special sauce all over your face, you don’t want to swallow but you got too. It’s such good cock.”

Towards the end of segment, Stewart spoke directly to the LGBT community and explained why gay marriage would win in the end. And it’s a really excellent point.

“For people who are gay or support gay marriage, I get how seeing thousands of people come out to make this statement is incredibly disheartening, but take solace in this: gay marriage is happening. Like many drive through window lanes, it ain’t going backwards. And your bonus is this: you get gay marriage, and all your political opponents are going to get is type 2 diabetes. In ten years, America will have a lot more gay marriage and a lot more Chick-fil-A restaurants because they are both quality products.”

Here’s the amazing and hilarious video:

Source: Addictinginfo