London 2012 Slalom Canoe: Google Doodle Lets You Navigate the Rapids

Today, Google continues their run of Olympic-themed Doodles with their third straight interactive Doodle. Since the opening ceremony, Google has provided us with a different Doodle every day, showcasing one of the many Olympic sports.

And for the last couple of days, those Doodles have been playable. On Tuesday, the Doodle featured a hurdles game. Yesterday, it was a basketbal mini-game. And today, itโ€™s the Canoe Slalom.

Brace yourselves. Maybe you happened to get three gold stars in either of the previous games โ€“ but this one is much harder. Not only do you have to alternatively press the arrow keys to give the canoe forward momentum, but you have to deftly guide it through gates and avoid obstacles as well.

This guyโ€™s time is pretty good, but there has already been rumblings of sub-12, even sub-11 second times.

The Slalom Canoe was first held as a competition in 1932 in Switzerland. At first, it was held on flat water, but later changed to the white water rapids that weโ€™ve come to love. It was originally modeled after the ski slalom. In 1972, the event made its Olympic debut โ€“ but it didnโ€™t become a permanent Olympic event until 1992.

Source: WebProNews

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