Amazon Unveils Kindle Paperwhite

Update:Amazon has unveiled the Kindle Paperwhite e-reader, which features 8 weeks of battery life with the light on. The device will cost $119 and ship Oct. 1. A 3G version of the device costs $179.


Amazon Expected To Announce New Kindle Fire Today

Labor Day comes and goes and the tech industry spins into overdrive. Yesterday, Motorola and Nokia unveiled new smartphones. Next week, Apple is expected to unleash the iPhone 5. But today all eyes are fixed on Santa Monica, Calif., where Amazon.comβ€”pardon the punβ€”hopes to fire up interest in its latest hardware.

Heavy speculation is that Amazon will unveil a new version of its popular 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet, and if rumors prove true perhaps a larger screen tablet as well. Amazon is also expected to refresh its Kindle eBook readers, likely with a model to compete against the read-in-the-dark Barnes & Noble Nook with Glow Light.

What else might Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos have up its sleeve when he takes the stage? Citing “multiple sources”, The Verge tech site is reporting that Amazon could also announce, if not quite yet deliver, an Android smartphone. We’ll have all the answers soon enough. The press conference commences at 1:30PM ET, and USA TODAY is on the scene.

Source: USA Today