‘El Loco Barrera,’ Colombia’s Biggest Drug Lord, Arrested In Venezuela

El Loco Barrera Colombias Biggest Drug Lord Arrested In Venezuela
‘El Loco Barrera,’ Colombia’s biggest drug lord, arrested in Venezuela .
Tuesday, 18 September 2012 20:22 Adriaan Alsema

“El Loco Barrera,” considered Colombia’s most important drug lord of the past decade, has been arrested in Venezuela, President Juan Manuel Santos announced Tuesday.

In a televised speech, Santos said Daniel Barrera was arrested in the Venezuelan town of San Cristobal in a joint operation between Colombian, Venezuelan and U.S. authorities.

The operation that resulted in the arrest of “the last of the great capos” was coordinated from Washington by Colombia’s National Police director General Jose Roberto Leon, said the president.

Leon told The Associated Press that El Loco Barrera did not resist arrest while making a phone call from a phone booth.

Source: Colombia Reports

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