Al-Shabaab Is Executing Somali Journalists For The Crime Of Reporting On Sports

Abdirahman Mohamed Ali was abducted as he left his mother’s house in Mogadishu two weeks ago. His body, dumped next to a restaurant, was discovered the next morning, arms tied behind his back, decapitated head placed on his chest. Evidence indicated he’d been tortured first.

On the same day that Ali disappeared, Hassan Yusuf Absuge was killed by three masked gunmen. Absuge was heading home from the radio station where he’d just finished working the night shift.

In August, Mahmoud Ali Buneyste was shot to death while filming on the sidelines of a soccer match outside the Somali capital. Just hours earlier, he’d attended the funeral of Yusuf Ali Osman, slain by teenage assailants dressed in high school uniforms.

All four men were sports reporters.

Source: Toronto Star

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