Metro Service Suspended on Monday, October 29 (Washington)

In light of updated forecast information from the National Weather Service projecting higher wind speeds, as well as the closure of Federal Government offices in the Washington area and the possibility of widespread commercial power outages, Metro has announced the following service changes for Monday, October 29, 2012:

The Metrorail system will be closed on Monday. No decision has yet been made on when Metrorail service will be restored after Monday.

All Metrobus service will be suspended on Monday until further notice.

All MetroAccess service has been cancelled on Monday. The MetroAccess reservations center will also be closed on Monday.
Metro service will only be restored when it is safe to do so. Following the storm, Metro personnel will need to perform a comprehensive damage assessment, including inspections of track, bridges, aerial structures, stations and facilities. Service restoration also will be contingent on adequate commercial power to support operations and repair of any storm-related damage.

Source: WMATA

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