Newsweek Will End Print Magazine in 2013

After 80 years in print, Newsweek will no longer publish a print magazine starting in 2013, Tina Brown, the editor-in-chief and founder of The Newsweek Daily Beast Company, announced on Thursday.

The move, Brown says, will allow the company to reach a broader audience through digital platforms.

โ€œExiting print is an extremely difficult moment for all of us who love the romance of print and the unique weekly camaraderie of those hectic hours before the close on Friday night,โ€ Brown wrote in a post. โ€œBut as we head for the 80th anniversary of Newsweek next year we must sustain the journalism that gives the magazine its purposeโ€”and embrace the all-digital future.โ€

Two years ago, The Daily Beast and Newsweek combined forces, putting emphasis on digital platforms. Brown said the last print issue will be on Dec. 31.

Source: National Journal

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