TONIGHT WATCH LIVE Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren Debate 7 PM

Tonight Live Debate Night on Live News Chat – The Race Baiter, U.S. Sen. Scott P. Brown and rival Elizabeth Warren are set to meet Monday in their second televised debate. WARM UP TO THE BIG EVENT WEDNESDAY with the under-card of the year.


Brown, the Republican arsehole incumbent, and Warren, a Democrat, and the new hero of the left, are set to debate from 7 to 8 p.m. in Lowell in what could be a key event in the close contest for the six-year post.

About 4,500 people are expected to jam into the Paul E. Tsongas Arena in Lowell for the debate, which is being sponsored by the University of Massachusetts at Lowell’s division of online and continuing education.

β€œPeople are really excited about it,” said Christine Gillette, assistant director of media relations at the Lowell campus.

David Gregory, a moderator on NBC News’ Sunday morning talk show Meet the Press, will ask questions and moderate the Brown-Warren matchup.

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