SNL Mocks Post Debate Chris Matthews And MSNBC

Saturday Night Live last night mocked the post debate reaction at MSNBC.

Opening with a parody Rachel Maddow hosting the show, the actor playing Al Sharpton came up with excuses for the president’s bad performance including altitude and jet lag.

Going to a character playing Chris Matthews, Maddow asked if he was disappointed with Obama’s performance.

β€œDisappointed!? I’ve never been so disgusted in my life,” Matthews yells. β€œI feel bad for whoever had to move the podium afterwards because Obama took a giant dump behind it.

β€œIt’s one thing that President Obama had nothing to say, but why would you let Governor Romney talk?” continued Matthews. β€œYou forgot the first rule of debating. Always be interrupting.”

β€œWhen I don’t have points to make on my show, I make up for it by screaming at people,” Matthews explains. β€œThat’s how you win a debate.”

After Maddow disagrees, Matthews interrupts, β€œBaa, baa, baa, baa, baa. See? You’re wrong. Debate’s over, I won.”