Bram Stoker Books Celebrated By Google Doodle

The 165th birthday of novelist Bram Stoker has been marked by Google with a Dracula illustration.
The search engine has replaced the multicoloured Google logo on its homepage with an illustration depicting scenes from Bram Stoker’s famous gothic fiction novel Dracula.
Stoker was born in Clontarf, Dublin, and was part of the literary staff of the Daily Telegraph in the last decade of the 19th century.
His most famous work, Dracula, was published in 1897.
At the time of its publication it was considered a straightforward horror novel; however, as years have passed literary critics have argued that it distills many of the concerns of Victorian England into its pages.
In particular, the famous bloodsucking and transformation of humans to vampires has proved fascinating for academics, who have admired its potent depiction of desire.

source: Telegraph

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