Google Doodle Honors Auguste Rodin 172nd Birthday

Auguste Rodin (Paris, 1840-Meudon, France, 1917) was a pupil of Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux at the School of Decorative Arts and of Antoine-Louis Barye at the Natural History Museum, two sculptors whom he admired and was inspired by them. For its modest origins, he was forced to earn a living as an assistant decor, combining professional work with dedication to sculpture.

Today, 172 years after his birth, Google pays honor to the great French sculptor with a “sculptural” doodle. His famous “The Thinker”, chairs the new logo of Internet search engine to commemorate this anniversary.

The piece, originally called “The Poet”, was part of a commission from the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris to create a monumental portal based on Dante’s Divine Comedy. Each of the statues represented one of the main characters of the allegorical poem. The sculpture is nude, as Rodin wanted a heroic figure in the style of Michelangelo to represent both the thought and poetry.

Rodin made ​​a first model of the sculpture in plaster in 1880. The first large-scale sculpture was completed in 1902, although it was not presented to the public until 1904.