Here’s The Shirtless Photo Sent By The FBI Agent Linked To The Petraeus Investigation

As the David Petraeus scandal has been evolving, we’ve heard much about the FBI agent who sent a shirtless photo to whistleblower Jill Kelley. Yesterday, The New York Times identified the agent as Frederick W. Humphries III. He’s the one who spurred the investigation that ultimately led to Petraeus’ resignation.

On Thursday, the Seattle Times published the photo in question — which was apparently first sent to friends as a joke, back in 2010.

Via the Seattle Times:

Indeed, among his friends and associates, Humphries was known to send dumb-joke emails in which the punch line was provided by opening an attached photo.
A Seattle Times reporter was among those who received an email containing an attachment of the shirtless photo. The subject line read: “Which one is Fred?”
The snapshot shows Humphries — bald, muscular and shirtless — standing between a pair of equally buff and bullet-ridden target dummies on a shooting range.
The joke — over which was the dummy — has now backfired in ways he couldn’t have imagined on Sept. 9, 2010, when it was first sent.

Yes, “backfired” would be right.

Source: Mediaite