Baltimore Sun Media Critic Savages NBC’s ‘Outrageously Unqualified’ ‘Pretend Journalist’ Chelsea Clinton

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David Zurawik, media critic for the Baltimore Sun, seems to have emerged from the holidays refreshed. He bolted out of the gate on Wednesday with a column in the Daily Download in which his reproach for NBC correspondent and daughter of President Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, is remorseless and unremitting.

Zurawik begins his column asking whether Clinton or Jenna Bush Hager, President George W. Bush’s daughter and also an NBC News correspondent, is the least qualified journalist on television. The answer, in his opinion, is Clinton, hands down.

“I can say with absolute certainty that she has not improved one lick in the last year,” wrote Zurawik. “In fact, I think she is worse than when she started this job for which NBC News President Steve Capus said ‘it’s as if she had been preparing her whole life.’”

After reading a POLITICO article in which Clinton was described in glowing terms and suggested that she is ready for her “next act” in life.

“[Clinton] has evolved from a frizzy-haired little girl in the White House to a self-assured public figure in her own right, is ready to play an increasingly larger role in the national debate and may emerge as a pre-2016 surrogate of sorts as her mom mulls her future plans,” reads the POLITICO article. That piece is replete with quotes from figures close to Clinton who confirm her ability and suggest her growth is being stunted by her contract with NBC News.

“Those family friends and supporters don’t talk to the press unless they are serving some higher Clinton purpose,” Zurawik concluded. “Could this piece be part of an effort to grease the skids for an announcement saying Clinton is leaving NBC News? It is, after all, coming up on a year since the network extended her initial deal. And you can’t walk away letting people think you flopped – even if that is what you did.”