House GOP Kills Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill – GOP To Sandy Victims: Drop Dead

Oh. My. God. The GOP House just killed legislation to provide relief for Hurricane Sandy victims.

The House was supposed to take up a huge relief bill proving relief for Hurricane Sandy victims before closing down until the next Congress, but GOP House Speaker John Boehner killed it, and now they’re leaving town:

The most likely reason – Boehner is afraid of a revolt from conservatives if asked to spend even more money, even if it is to help victims of one of the greatest disasters in American history. Conservatives don’t care. Remember that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney called for closing down FEMA in the middle of the Hurricane Sandy.

Washington Post conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin, a Romney surrogate (wither official or not, she was clearly attached as their hip throughout the campaign) today called on Speaker Boehner to take out his vengeance on Sandy victims, and that’s exactly what Boehner did.

Source: American Blog

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