Joe Scarborough Apologizes For Going Off On Mika Brzezinski For ‘Chauvinistic’ Remark

Morning Joe caused quite an early morning splash last week when — during a discussion about diversity in the Obama administration — Mika Brzezinski called out her co-host Joe Scarborough for “being chauvinistic.” Scarborough didn’t take well to the criticism, to say the least, and the ensuing segment was contentious, complete with finger snapping. On Monday, Scarborough apologized.

While he’s apologized privately, Scarborough said he also wanted to do so on the air, noting that he went “to a dark place.”

“I’m sorry about that,” he told Brzezinski. “You didn’t deserve it.”

He went on to note that he’s made some new year’s resolutions. Among them: “I’m not going to do that ever again.” And also trying to interrupt Brzezinski less (which has been a oft-made criticism of the show).

“All right, fine, we’re good,” Brzezinski replied, snapping her fingers. “Let’s do the news.”

Video, via MSNBC: