Toxic Fog UT: Pregnant Women And Children Urged To Stay Indoors As Pollution Goes ‘Off The Charts’

Two million people are at risk from a toxic fog that has descended over Utah as pollution levels in Salt Lake City reach an all-time high.

The icy fog has smothered the Salt Lake Valley for several weeks and trapped lung-busting soot emitted in the city underneath.

The level of pollution in the city is now the highest in America according to the Environmental Protection Agency and medical experts are now urging residents to stay indoors.

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First: Stay indoors? I would recommend, leave town! Indoor air is not much better than what is outdoors. And the Colorado Plateau, just over the Wasatch, is warmer ans sunny, with clean air. The Great Salt Lake basin is like a bathtub, except no drain. Lake Bonneville’s ancient shoreline is plainly etched into the mountains. In winter, the basin becomes a land of fog until further notice. Add in humans, and it becomes the Land of Smog until Further Notice, until a storm sweeps out the inversion.

Second: We must realize that this is happening to the globe before it is too late. The Earth is like a bathtub too, layers of atmosphere. And, we are making the one we live in unsuitable for life! It is just a matter of degrees and the march of time as more and more toxins accumulate. We can’t leave this town, we have to live with all our waste for all time forward.

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