Colbert 2013: Stephen’s Big Sister Makes a Run

Colbert 2013 Stephen's Big Sister Makes a Run

The race to fill Tim Scott’s South Carolina House seat is shaping up to be a doozy, and the AP profiles a most interesting longshot, one Elizabeth Colbert Buschβ€”also known as “Lulu” and the older sister of Stephen Colbert. Colbert Busch says she’s not worried about being overshadowed by her famous siblingβ€”one of 11 children in the familyβ€”saying she’s “proud of what he is.” For his part, Colbert says he’s backing her, but privately. “Lulu has a job to do, and that’s run for Congress,” he says. “I have a job to do and that’s to make jokes.” The only way she gets a mention on the show, he says, is if she goofs up.

For all her name recognition, Colbert Busch is far from a shoo-in in the red-leaning district: She faces one fellow Democrat, a perennial candidate, and 16 Republicans. They include former Gov. Mark Sanford and Teddy Turner, son of the media titan. Colbert Busch herself is something of a blue-collar success story, having worked her way through school as a divorced mom to her current position overseeing Clemson University’s wind turbine program. “How did I get here?” she asks. “The community told me I could do it. They took me and pushed me all the way through and I want to give that back.” Running for office, she says, “is a privilege. My gut says you’re never going to get this opportunity again. And you don’t want to turn around as an old woman and say I didn’t try.”