Poll: Obama Better Trusted On Economy Than GOP

Obama Better Trusted On Economy Than GOP

The president has the trust of more Americans in economic matters on the eve of a State of the Union address in which heโ€™s expected to lay out a clear vision for his economic agenda.
According to aย Quinnipiac Universityย poll releasedย Monday morning, 47% trust President Obama to handle the economy over Congressional Republicans, who win trust from only 41%.
The president is more trusted in other key policies areas too. On health care he bests Republicans by an eight-point margin, on foreign policy by a 14-point margin, and on the environment by a 24-point margin. Heโ€™s even more trusted on the deficit (44%ย to 42%), gun policy (45%ย to 43%), and on immigration (46%ย to 41%).
Americans also agree the president is right to focus on the economy in Tuesdayโ€™s State of the Union, with more Republicans, Democrats, and Independents naming that as the key issue Obama should focus on tomorrow. Overall, 35% picked that as the most important issue for him to focus on, while 20% named the deficit, ย and 15% named gun policy.
More than half of voter polls said the economy is still in recession (53%), with nearly eight in ten describing the economy as either โ€œnot so goodโ€ or โ€œpoor.โ€ Only about one in three say itโ€™s getting better, and slightly more (37%) say itโ€™s staying about the same.