PS4 – PlayStation 4 Enhanced Gaming Features Sony Revealed

PS4 - PlayStation 4 Enhanced Gaming Features Sony Revealed

Sony has unveiled the next version of its next popular gaming console, the PlayStation 4, which it plans to release in time for the 2013 holiday season.

At a press conference on Wednesday evening in New York City, the company showcased the system’s new graphics and controllers, but stopped short of revealing the system’s casing. The system includes new social gaming features and mobile integration, all of which are a major update to Sony’s PlayStation 3, which was introduced seven years ago.

“Today marks a moment of truth and a bold step forward for PlayStation as a company,” Andrew House, president and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, said at the event. “Today we will give you a glimpse into the future of play.”

Second and Third Devices
The living room is no longer the “center of PlayStation ecosystem,” according to Sony — it’s now a mobile world. Nintendo’s Wii U and Microsoft’s Xbox also embraced a similar theme last year. The Wii U even ships with a new tablet-like controller called the GamePad, which lets you stream the game and play it away from the TV and right on the controller.

With the PlayStation 4, Sony will be taking its existing portable gaming device — the PS Vita — and applying a similar concept. The Vita will work in conjunction with the new console and function as a controller. Sony, which makes its own line of Xperia Android phones and tablets, also announced plans to integrate tablets and phones into the social gaming experience.

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